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About Elise

About the Artist

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.03.46 PMFor more than 20 years, Elise Swain has helped thousands of women discover the inner and outer beauty they deserve.

Years of experience on the world’s biggest stages prepared Elise for her current calling as a beauty industry entrepreneur. Elise was an MGM Grand Showgirl for 11 years, and trained and performed as a professional ballerina. She has been featured in several domestic and international musical productions, and has worked as a magazine and runway model.

Elise is a certified specialist in permanent makeup, otherwise known as micropigmentation or facial tattooing. She can provide your perfect enhancement with customized permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, nipple/areola restoration and more. Elise is also a licensed Aesthetician and a Makeup Consultant.

In addition to the cosmetic features of permanent makeup, Elise works with the top plastic surgeons, dermatologists, reconstructive surgeons, and oncologists in Southern California to provide medical tattooing (paramedical procedures) for patients following surgery or trauma.

Please email Elise to find out more about your permanent makeup and medical tattooing options. Private appointments are available in a clinical setting.

About EliseAbout Elise: Women Helping Women

Elise has fostered a passion for helping women through a lifetime of experience and extensive training.

“Many women spend so much time being caretakers, they end up forgetting about themselves,” Elise says.

Find out why Elise’s customers can’t get enough – visit her 5-star Yelp page for client reviews.

Elise continues to work with female audiences through educational courses on permanent makeup and skin care.


  • Licensed Aesthetician
  • Professional Runway, Print, and Wedding Makeup Artist
  • Registered with Orange County Health Care Agency for Permanent Makeup Practice
  • Member, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP)
  • Advanced Eyebrow Techniques Education, SPCP
  • Advanced Lip Techniques Education, SPCP
  • Advanced Eyeliner Techniques Education, SPCP
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certified, American Red Cross & OSHA
  • Insured for Medical Malpractice Liability
  • Member, Susan G. Komen Foundation (Breast Cancer Awareness Supporter)
  • Member, National Association of Women in Business (NAWBO)
  • Member, Women Helping Others Foundation (WHO)



Please contact Elise to find out more about your permanent makeup and medical tattooing options.
Private appointments are available in a clinical setting.