Skin Needling - Image by Elise
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Skin Needling

Skin Needling

Enjoy youthful skin in 4-6 weeks through the skin’s natural healing process

skin-needleingSkin needling from Image by Elise can improve the texture and tightness of your skin by as much as 50 percent! Needling treatments, also known as micro-needling, stimulate healthy growth and recovery below the skin’s surface.

Elise will personally perform your skin needling procedure, which can reduce the appearance of acne scars, sunspots, saggy skin, crow’s feet and more.

Short, surgical-grade steel needles on a skin roller or needling pen are applied directly to the affected area over multiple sessions, creating a “controlled injury” that activates collagen and elastin production in skin cells.

Skin NeedlingSkin needling – also known as Micro-Needling, Dry Tattooing, Intradermabrasion, Dermarolling, Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI), or Collagen Induction Therapy – is most effective on white scars or stretch marks.

Needling can also reduce liver spots, but additional treatments may be required.

Collagen and elastin are the primary proteins that make up your body’s connective tissues. When more of these natural elements form in your skin, deep lines start to fill in, stretch marks and acne scars fade as new pigment appears, and your skin looks more elastic and youthful.

skinneedlingElise has extensive experience with skin needling, and performs every procedure with her client’s safety and comfort in mind. Treatments are administered with specifically selected short needles, which exfoliate and stimulate the skin, avoiding the potential trauma that longer, thinner needles can cause.

While skin needling at Image by Elise is non-invasive, the procedure can cause some discomfort, so a topical numbing agent is applied to the skin prior to and during treatment.

Image by Elise will not perform skin needling on keloids, active blemishes or breakouts, wounds that are still healing, or individuals on Accutane. Results typically last 2-5 years.

what are image by elise clients saying about skin needling?

“I’m 54 years old and have been getting extraction facials my whole adult life. I’m active, sweat, and I do my best to keep my skin clean, but my pores were constantly enlarged and clogged, and my skin was both oily and dry. I saw a YouTube clip on needling and decided to look into this treatment.

“My first visit to Elise was for facial needling. OMG! The results were fabulous. Right afterward, my face was sore, within a night it was bright red and SMOOTH. I had a little peeling and then – poof! My pores are smaller, my skin is softer and smoother, and my makeup now looks so nice that I want to bother putting it on!”  
— Laura P.

Elise has seen great results across all skin types through needling. Email Image by Elise or call (949) 854-5555 to find out if skin needling is right for you!