No more blue/grey brows - Image by Elise
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No more blue/grey brows

No more blue/grey brows

I do lots of corrective work.  This client had gone to 3 different techs around the country.  This is challenging because I didn’t know what pigments were used prior.  You can’t really see the grey/purple undertone in the first photo, unfortunately.  Yes, they did need some TLC.  As a matter of fact, I found a ‘taupe’ color at one of my SPCP conventions that’s beautiful!  I mixed it with another color to take the grey away and it healed very pretty.  Corrective brows are necessary if you want to keep a fresh, crisp, natural-looking brow.  (or any cosmetic tattooing for that matter).

Yes, they say it’s permanent but is it really?  Permanent makeup lasts 1-5 years or longer.  I’ve experienced blondes with fair skin come in once a year for maintenance – because of this, I charge a minimum fee to keep the cosmetic tattoos looking good.  Due to ingredients in skin care products, taking medication, sun exposure, your cells, stressed out, sweating, changing jobs and working under fluorescent lights and MORE….all of these can destroy the color.  You want to keep your permanent makeup fresh looking and soft so no none knows you got it done.  It should brighten your face and create youthfulness…along with adding color so you don’t feel washed out.

no more blue:grey brows before

no more blue:grey brows after