Professional Eyeliner Tattooing in Newport Beach
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Professional Eyeliner Tattooing in Newport Beach

Professional Eyeliner Tattooing in Newport Beach

Welcome to Image by Elise!

professional eyeliner tattooing in newport beach image by eliseWould you like to take advantage of the beauty secret that A-list celebrities use to look their best?


Do you want the benefits of makeup without wasting time reapplying every day?


Are you ready for beautifully defined eyes, perfectly shaped brows, and sensual lips … for life?


Image by Elise can provide all of the above – and more! – with permanent makeup.


Call (949) 854-5555 or click here to schedule an appointment at Image by Elise!

professional eyeliner tattooing in newport beach image by eliseWhat is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent cosmetics, or micropigmentation, offers you the power to enhance your natural features immediately and permanently.

Through safe, minimally invasive methods, Elise adds colored pigment to an inner layer of your skin, simulating conventional makeup by improving or restoring your natural color.

Extensive knowledge of color theory and state-of-the-art techniques allow Elise to create a natural look that highlights your features without appearing overdone.

In addition to professional eyeliner tattooing in Newport Beach, Image by Elise can restore natural skin color, change the shape of your lips or eyebrows and more!

Who Should Use Permanent Makeup?

  • Busy and/or professional women with limited time for makeup
  • Women with cosmetics allergies
  • Women with sensitive skin or sensitivity to contact lenses
  • Athletes who exercise regularly, or anyone worried about ‘sweating off’ or reapplying makeup
  • Women losing their brow hair due to age or health disorders
  • Anyone losing their natural color, or feeling pale and washed out
  • Women with poor vision
  • Women with unsteady hands who have difficulty applying makeup
  • People with motor impairment, including…
    • post-stroke
    • Parkinson’s
    • multiple sclerosis
    • arthritis

What are Customers Saying about Image by Elise?

professional eyeliner tattooing in newport beach image by elise“I went to see Elise about permanent eyeliner for my upper eyelids. My good friend had her upper eyelids done by Elise, so I had seen her work and knew she was good, but I wasn’t sure what to expect … After a week, I touched up my eyelash extensions, and now I have the most beautiful eyes ever. The permanent eyeliner made my eyes stand out even more than with just the eyelash extensions. I get compliments all the time now and have never had compliments on my eyes before. Elise is wonderful and makes you feel at ease right away!”

— Karen C., Newport Beach

Additional Services

Medical Tattooing. Endorsed by leading Southern California medical professionals, Image by Elise offers paramedical procedures that can restore self-confidence and self-esteem in patients recovering from painful operations, injuries and trauma. Elise is proud to help burn victims, breast cancer survivors, chemotherapy patients and more feel whole again through medical tattooing.

Skin Needling. Also called “dry tattooing,” skin needling stimulates your body’s natural healing process to improve your skin’s tightness and texture by as much as 50 percent! Skin needling can minimize acne scars, sun spots, saggy skin, crow’s feet and more. 

Skin Care. Elise will guide you to the best skin care products (at affordable prices!) for your unique needs. You can even bring in your current skin care regime to help Elise make recommendations based on your preferences. Enjoy professional guidance for skin care problems like dry patches, oily or uneven skin, age spots, breakouts, sun damage and more! 

Makeup Consulting. Image by Elise will work with you to discover the ultimate look for your personality and lifestyle. Are you preparing for a special event? Elise can create the perfect solution for any beauty challenge.

Professional Eyeliner Tattooing in Newport Beach

Experience Elegance with Image by Elise today. Click here or call (949) 854-5555 to learn more!