Eyebrows for Chemotherapy Patients in Newport Beach
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Realistic Eyebrows for Chemotherapy Patients in Newport Beach

Welcome to Image by Elise!

Elise Swain is a beauty industry entrepreneur who loves helping women rediscover their inner and outer beauty.

Image by Elise Best Nipple Repigmentation in Newport Beach Realistic Eyebrows for Chemotherapy Patients in Newport BeachHer years as a ballerina, model and MGM Grand showgirl prepared her for a calling in permanent makeup and medical tattooing. Elise combines artistic skill, attention to detail and a compassion for others in a comfortable setting where women can enhance their features and regain self-esteem.

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Image by Elise – Realistic Eyebrows for Chemotherapy Patients in Newport Beach

Undergoing chemotherapy is horribly difficult. Sometimes, despite all of the internal damage done by the treatment, the hardest part is the external toll – not recognizing the person in the mirror.Realistic Eyebrows for Chemotherapy Patients in Newport Beach

Elise is a qualified provider of medical tattooing (also called paramedical procedures), which can help chemotherapy patients feel like themselves again.

Medical professionals endorse these procedures as a non-surgical treatment for hair and pigment loss, including eyebrow loss caused by chemotherapy.

As a Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals with an advanced credential in eyebrow techniques, Elise has received referrals from some of the top cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, oncologists and dermatologists in Southern California.

Realistic Eyebrows for Chemotherapy Patients in Newport BeachBy providing realistic eyebrows for chemotherapy patients in Newport Beach, Elise is privileged to help these brave women feel whole again.

Elise also performs medical tattooing for eyebrow hair loss caused by thyroid conditions, scar and facelift camouflage, and women with sensitivity to contact lenses, sensitive skin, or allergies to cosmetics.

One of her specialties is complex areola and nipple repigmentation, creating “the illusion of protrusion” for women whose nipples have been claimed by breast cancer surgery.

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What Are Clients Saying about Eyebrows From Image by Elise?

“Elise is so professional, personable and very particular on each stroke of my eyebrows. I appreciated her honesty and recommendations, and she ensured that the process was to my liking.

“Now for the end result of my first session: Elise did my eyebrows BETTER than I could have done them myself! I am absolutely excited about NOT having to create my eyebrows with makeup everyday! I can’t wait to sweat, jump in a pool and wipe my face without a worry of a smudge on my face. I can’t stop staring at my new, permanent eyebrows! Thank you sooooo much, Elise!”

— Lisa R., Long Beach, Calif.

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Realistic Eyebrows for Chemotherapy Patients in Newport Beach

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