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Author: eliswa22

I do lots of corrective work.  This client had gone to 3 different techs around the country.  This is challenging because I didn’t know what pigments were used prior.  You can’t really see the grey/purple undertone in the first photo, unfortunately.  Yes, they did need some TLC.  As a matter of fact, I found a ‘taupe’ color at one of my SPCP conventions that’s beautiful!  I mixed it with another color to take the grey away and it healed very pretty.  Corrective brows are necessary if you want to keep a fresh, crisp, natural-looking brow.  (or any cosmetic tattooing for that matter).

Yes, they say it’s permanent but is it really?  Permanent makeup lasts 1-5 years or longer.  I’ve experienced blondes with fair skin come in once a year for maintenance – because of this, I charge a minimum fee to keep the cosmetic tattoos looking good.  Due to ingredients in skin care products, taking medication, sun exposure, your cells, stressed out, sweating, changing jobs and working under fluorescent lights and MORE….all of these can destroy the color.  You want to keep your permanent makeup fresh looking and soft so no none knows you got it done.  It should brighten your face and create youthfulness…along with adding color so you don’t feel washed out.

no more blue:grey brows before

no more blue:grey brows after


This is a fill to shape the brow naturally by implanting single-hair strokes, feathering, into the skin.  I enjoy creating beautiful soft, natural colors for women with darker, more olive skin.  (I happen to have olive skin with a 3 on the Fitzpatrick scale).  Have no fear, the Permanent makeup industry is growing every year with new pigment lines and better color choices.  So, after healed, there is less grey and red undertones. Beware, there are MANY companies who are NOT FDA approved…make sure you investigate your technician before having your cosmetic tattoos implanted.  I also recommend making sure the professional you are wanting to work with attends classes every year for advanced training.

beautiful philippine soft permanent brows before

beautiful philippine soft permanent brows after


I had so much fun with this client!   She was a referral from NAWBO…National Association of Women Business Owners.  She came to me feeling washed out and tired.  As a blond with fair skin, she is the perfect candidate for Permanent Cosmetics….and she loves it!  As a matter of fact, she referred her daughters for permanent brows.  (they’re blond and fair skin, too). Now she has soft-colored permanent brows, eyeliner and full lip color… and looks 8 years younger without any surgery!  I love what I do!

Full Face Permanent Makeup for Blondes before

Full Face Permanent Makeup for Blondes after



Alopecia clients are so happy after having brows and liner done permanently. I did something a little daring…I actually drew lashes on permanently along with her upper eyeliner.  I was a bit nervous but my client was so excited by her idea.  She was the one who asked me to do it.  Thanks for believing in me!

Alopecia - Before

Alopecia - after


This is my friend.  I cheated on this photo. She had her brows done by me several years ago but wanted a touch up along with upper and lower eyeliner.  She has a very active lifestyle and didn’t want to spend any more time then she needed on her makeup.  So I gave her permanent brow and she loved them so much she begged me for permanent eyeliner.  This is a photo of her immediately after the procedure so you can see she is a little swollen.  If you are wondering what you would look like after an eyeliner procedure, here it is.  It look like she’s been crying, that’s all.  It’s not so bad.  A little ice (preferably frozen pea’s) and she was fine.  Some women come to see me on their lunch hour and go right back to work.  Whatever works for you..  Remember, after I do your brows, the color fades 20-30%.  For about a 1 week, if you are a brunette, the pigment color will make you look like Joan Crawford but don’t worry, it fades over time and looks WONDERFUL.

Brunette Permanent Eyeliner and Brows before

Brunette Permanent Eyeliner and Brows after




This is the same client who came to me for a full-facial procedure of permanent makeup:  brows, eyeliner and lips.  I simply wanted to show you how I implanted a soft pigment color for a blond.  I did single hair-like strokes known as ‘feathering’ on her.   It’s pretty and looks natural.  She looks FABULOUS!

Blonde hair simulation with color dimension



Permanent brows  & upper lash liner:  Soft, natural looking brows are the way to go if you are interested in permanent makeup.  Here you can see my client has brow hair but needs a little color filled in.  Also, if you simply wanted a natural enhancement to define your eyes, than a lash enhancement is for you.  Take a look at these 3 photos:  the first is a naked shot of the face.  The second photo is taken immediately following the brow and lash enhancement procedure.  (you can see she is a little red and swollen).  The third photo she is completely healed.  As the tattoo heals, it goes from dark to light.  Doesn’t she look naturally soft and beautiful?

permanent makeup for brows and upper lash enhancement before

permanent makeup for brows and upper lash enhancement after

permanent makeup for brows and upper lash enhancement healed

Believe it or not, this is me!  This is what permanent liner (a lash enhancement) looks like when it’s faded and needs a touch up.  I wanted more definition around my eyes so I did an upper & lower lash enhancement.  This is when I place pigment where the lash meets the skin.  I can dot color in or draw a thin line at the base of the lashes.  This makes your lashes look thick and pretty.  I really like this procedure because it looks so natural.  I wake up in the morning and I look wake (my eyes pop)…and when I work out, I don’t have to put any makeup on.  (When I want a dramatic look, I add more color).  This lasts for 2-3 years – then I have it touched up again.  I usually do my own permanent makeup or I have my friend do it for me.  My friend and I take all of the Advanced courses with SPCP: Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

Permanent eyeliner -  lash enhancement before

Permanent eyeliner -  lash enhancement after

This is a tummy tuck scar. It was extremely raised and discolored.  I did ONE “needling” procedure and the patient old me it was miraculous!  The scar tissue flattened AND the color mellowed out.  It went from purple/blue to a softer color.  This is the real deal…belly button replacement and all.  Unfortunately, the photos don’t do it justice.  You can see the blood lines on the day of the “needling” procedure (immediately after).  I put this in my blog for you to see what to expect.  I want you to know exactly what it will look like from beginning to end.  Most people only want to see the end result but I want you to see everything so you know what to expect.

Needling for a Tummy Tuck Scar after

Needling for a Tummy Tuck Scar healed