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Brows: Virgin Skin

This is a fill to shape the brow naturally by implanting single-hair strokes, feathering, into the skin.  I enjoy creating beautiful soft, natural colors for women with darker, more olive skin.  (I happen to have olive skin with a 3 on the Fitzpatrick scale).  Have no fear, the Permanent makeup industry is growing every year with new pigment lines and better color choices.  So, after healed, there is less grey and red undertones. Beware, there are MANY companies who are NOT FDA approved…make sure you investigate your technician before having your cosmetic tattoos implanted.  I also recommend making sure the professional you are wanting to work with attends classes every year for advanced training.

beautiful philippine soft permanent brows before

beautiful philippine soft permanent brows after


Sometimes this isn’t easy to correct OTHER technicians work when it comes to color correction.  When I don’t know what type of pigment used prior to doing the color correction procedure, there are many obstacles to think about.  You can’t tell in the first photo that her brows where grey and light orange, can you?  After “warming” up the new color, you can see the outcome was good.  It feels so fabulous when  a client is happy with the results.  Thank you!

Color corrected Brows- Virgin Skin 8 before

Color corrected Brows- Virgin Skin 8 after

Color corrected Brows- Virgin Skin 8 healed