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permanent makeup

This is my friend.  I cheated on this photo. She had her brows done by me several years ago but wanted a touch up along with upper and lower eyeliner.  She has a very active lifestyle and didn’t want to spend any more time then she needed on her makeup.  So I gave her permanent brow and she loved them so much she begged me for permanent eyeliner.  This is a photo of her immediately after the procedure so you can see she is a little swollen.  If you are wondering what you would look like after an eyeliner procedure, here it is.  It look like she’s been crying, that’s all.  It’s not so bad.  A little ice (preferably frozen pea’s) and she was fine.  Some women come to see me on their lunch hour and go right back to work.  Whatever works for you..  Remember, after I do your brows, the color fades 20-30%.  For about a 1 week, if you are a brunette, the pigment color will make you look like Joan Crawford but don’t worry, it fades over time and looks WONDERFUL.

Brunette Permanent Eyeliner and Brows before

Brunette Permanent Eyeliner and Brows after